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Medical Scrubs, Gowns, Drapes and Stethoscopes

Medical scrubs, gowns, and drapes are an essential part of the healthcare industry, providing protection, comfort, and functionality for medical professionals and patients alike. Our selection of medical scrubs includes a selection of home grown African Scrubs made locally and disposable, reusable options, made from durable and breathable materials for all-day comfort. Our surgical gowns are designed to meet industry standards for barrier protection and fluid resistance. We also offer a variety of sterile drapes and patient drapes for operating rooms, including disposable and non-woven options treated with antimicrobial properties for added protection. Whether you are looking for standard medical uniforms or specialised surgical attire, our collection has you covered. You may also be interested in our stylish range of African Scrubs made locally and bringing relevance to the local context.